Big Mistakes to Avoid in Affiliate Marketing

If you are looking to make money online, or earn extra cash online you have heard of Affiliate Marketing.  If you are serious about making cash online, you owe it to yourself to check out Affiliate Marketing.

You build a site, throw up some banners and links to a bunch of products and eagerly wait for your affiliate sales to start rolling in.  A few days later still no sales and you think affiliate marketing doesn’t work and throw in the towel.

Make no mistake, when applied properly affiliate marketing most certainly works and it’s a fantastic way to make money online.  Here are a few tips to help you avoid those dreaded mistakes many beginners make in affiliate marketing.

Banner Central – Banners don’t often work as well as text links.  Of course, it does depend on your subject and you should test both individually to determine what works best but often times you’re better off sticking to text links rather than turning your website into banner central.

Unrelated Products – You’d be surprised at the number of people who do this.  Make sure all offers on your website are related to the context on your site.  For example if you have a site about pet care don’t offer baby care products.  Sometimes it’s tempting to promote other products but stick to what your target market is looking for.

Missing your Target Market – Before starting any business venture (including affiliate marketing) you should always know who your target market is.  To become a super affiliate you’ll need to build a website which speaks directly to the market you are trying to attract and you’ll need to understand the needs of that specific market.  So who’s your target market?

Hype, Hype, Hype – Avoid it all costs.  People can smell hype a mile away and will run quick with their credit card clutched tightly in their hands.  If you review products on your website makes sure those reviews are honest.  More importantly, try to take the time to actually use the product (or at least look into it) so that you can genuinely speak about its features and benefits; and don’t forget to add the not so good sides of the product too.  If the product is lacking in some way, say so.  People will appreciate your honesty and grow to trust you.

Not Tracking Sales – In order to know whether a program is worth you promoting or not, you’ll need to track how well it converts.  Try out different things in your promotions and track each one of them.

Check out these resources for more helpful information.

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